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Two young Harvard MBAs on the fast track to wealth and success, tell their story of God’s transforming power and how it changed their lives and their relationship to money. They offer an honest look at what the Bible says about radical generosity.

Gain a fresh and biblical perspective on the purpose of money in your life according to the Scriptures. Inspired by the hopeful vision of the role that Christian generosity can play in healing a broken world, God and Money explores the meaning of abundant living through radical giving.

John and Greg realize what everyone should know—that middle-class Americans are among the richest people in world history. It’s time for Christ-followers to understand that God has bigger purposes than increasing our standard of living: He wants us to increase our standard of giving.
— Randy Alcorn, from the Foreword of God and Money

The Bible contains roughly 500 verses on prayer and faith, but well over 2,000 verses on money, and approximately 40% of Jesus' parables deal with money-it's obvious that God has plenty to say about wealth and giving, and it's all unpacked in this clear and easy-to-read book with modern-day applications. Featuring lessons from the Bible, modern day case studies, and practical ways to apply biblical principles no matter what situation you're in, God and Money provides an incredible look into what the Bible says about–

  • Tithing and Christian giving
  • Wealth and stewardship
  • Faith and generosity
  • Love of money
  • And so much more!

224 Pages; Hardcover; 6" x 9"; ISBN 9781628624076

With uncommon transparency, John and Greg provide a Gospel-centered and practical perspective on wealth… they challenge us to wholeheartedly pursue the joy of generosity. Read this book and you will be inspired, convicted and thinking differently about using what God has given you for Kingdom impact.
— Peter Greer, President & CEO of HOPE International and co-author of Mission Drift
This is one of the most thoughtful and well researched books on giving that I have had the pleasure of reading. The frameworks presented in the book can be used by people at all stages of experiencing the joy of generosity.
— Waters Davis, President of National Christian Foundation Houston

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