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Download these free printable tools to help you get started with your plan for infinite generosity!

Financial Finish Line Calculator a simple tool to estimate consumption and net worth Finish Lines for your family

Generosity Covenant Template - a way to document your family's plans for Saving, Spending, and Serving.  Rather than a restrictive contract, view your Generosity Covenant as a living document that articulates how you plan to honor Christ through your finances.

Study Guide

Download your official God and Money study guide with chapter discussion questions here.

Official God and Money Study Guide - a PDF with chapter discussion questions to get the most out of your read! Perfect for individual use, couples, churches, and small groups.

Created by John Cortines, Gregory Baumer, and Marrell Wiggins

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Christians are called to be generous stewards, and that implies real action.  We suspect that "I did not feel led to give" will not stand as a reasonable defense when Jesus questions our giving habits.  Sometimes we need a more detailed, specific plan on how to move towards a generous life than "focus on your heart."

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